HHR Strategies is a 21st Century health care and human rights-focused institute providing actionable research, analysis and strategic planning for the most pressing health and wellness challenges.

HHR provides insight into the reformation of health, care and the public and private entities driving better outcomes. Bringing thought leaders, policymakers, providers and expert planners together allows HHR to lead forward-thinking transformation of the systems that impact health.

Using economic, behavioral and population-based analyses, white papers and advisory roles are what the HHR experts do best. Having worked with domestic and international governments, hospital systems, individual nonprofit 501(c)3 entities and marketing agencies, HHR insight extends the entire continuum of health.

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Nicole Fisher, Founder, CEO

Nicole Fisher Founder, CEO

About our Founder

Nicole Fisher, our Founder and CEO, is a health care, human rights and health economic advisor mainly focusing on Health Policy, Reform, Medicare, and Medicaid, specifically as they impact vulnerable populations.

Nicole runs a Health Innovation and Policy page at Forbes advising and highlighting companies, ideas and people that are changing the health care landscape. Additionally, she founded and curates a monthly dinner series, Chicago HealthCare Dinners, bringing together private groups of thought leaders.

She is also currently pursuing her PhD at the University of North Carolina in the Health Policy and Management Department. Before pursuing her PhD in health policy, Nicole earned her Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and her undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri. Her health care and policy work at those institutions had an emphasis on underserved populations, women's and children’s issues.

In the News

Nicole Fisher is a contributing writer for Forbes

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